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How to Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Phone Activity with a Mobile Monitor App

Are you someone who is going through a not so good relationship with your child? Tried everything but nothing seems to be working out in your favor? Is there a sense of something alarming with you little one? Well, the list of questions can be endless when it comes to finding out that your child is not in a safe space and how to reach out to them.

As per Pew Research Center, a survey conducted in 2020 of parents in the U.S. it came out that children are more around technology now than ever before. In April 2021, nearly 81% of parents said that their children are on their smartphones even if it is for watching videos or to listen to music.

Where can technology lead your child?

Once you realize that your child is addicted to technology, it can be hard for you as a parent to restrict them from using their smartphone beyond a point. However, today with the advanced technology, you can keep an eye on your child and monitor on their activities. Yes! Nowadays, there are many monitoring apps that you can operate on your own and do not require any investigator to do it for you as the findings can be very personal and emotional and you might not want anyone other than you to access it for you.

How does a mobile monitor app work?

A mobile monitor app is a software that is installed on the desired smartphone to track all the phone activities. It is considered as the best solution to keep up with your secretive child or someone who you think needs to be checked via a monitor app. A monitor app lets you do a lot more than you could think of but with so much monitorware for android, you must first do a good research as a bad mobile monitor app can be an add-on pain and may not help you as you may have thought of it.

While you might be thinking that your child is using the smartphone for studying or watching normal videos, they could actually be doing a lot more that could be damaging to their age but innovative technology has brought solutions to that as well.

Best mobile monitor app for android

Having so many monitor apps available online, it can be hard to choose the best monitor app which meets all your needs. Many apps commit a smooth experience but can be too technical and not so accurate when it comes to their usage. Today, we will talk about a mobile monitor app that has been tried and tested by us and showed great results.

Onemonitar is a monitor app for android that monitors all the activities on the target device.
The monitor app’s advanced tracking features makes the app easily accessible via an online control panel. The mobile monitor app gives you advanced tracking features including hidden call recorder, GPS tracking, browser data monitoring, multimedia tracking, installed app viewing and much more.

How to use Onemonitar efficiently?

If you visit the Onemonitar website, you can find answers to all your questions in one place. The monitor app collects all the information and data from the target device and updates the control panel that you can access after buying the subscription. The subscription allows you to track all the activities of your loved one’s phone from the accessible control panel.

From a hidden call recorder wherein you can listen to the whole conversation and who your child is talking over the phone to the text messages sent or received, you can track it all. The monitor app for android lets you check their activities on the internet also. You can access your child’s social accounts including Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more such applications.

You can see their chats through WhatsApp monitor, Instagram monitor and even scroll through the media that is being sent and received. The phone monitor app allows you to track your child’s live location and this way you can track their whereabouts remotely.

The above mentioned features are some of the more than 50 features offered by Onemonitar monitor app. You can go through the website to explore all the available features offered.

What to keep in mind while purchasing the subscription?

Almost every android device running on android version 4.1 and above is compatible with the monitor app. But in case you need further assistance about your device and its compatibility with the monitor app, you can always contact us and the support team will guide you through.

Once you get the green flag on the device, you can now check the plan that meets all your requirements and make the purchase. The payments at Onemonitar are safe and secure, to know all the payment options you can visit the monitor app website.

The next step is to install the monitor app on the target device, you can download the software instantly on the device and it is undetectable, this way the mobile monitor app will run in the background and will give you uninterrupted updates.


It is always better to have an open conversation with your loved ones and try to resolve the arising problems but if you still feel that nothing is working out then we wish you happy monitoring with the Onemonitar monitor app.

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