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Nurture your child’s digital habits responsibly with Onemonitar parental control

Cybersecurity for your kids is as important as their safety in the physical environment. The rise in kids’ activeness on the internet has become a matter of concern for parents. Looking out for ways that can nurture your child’s digital habits responsibly is crucial. With the right parental control app you can do just that. 

The Rise of Technology

Technology has and will continue to grow at a rapid speed, so much so that everyone relies on it even for the bare minimum things like ordering fruits and vegetables to buy a good spy app subscription. The kids today are also equipped with smartphones and internet access. A report by the American Community Survey describes that kids aged between 3 to 18 years old have access to the internet from their homes and the percentage stands at 97% in total. The rise in percentage over the years is concerning and should be effectively monitored. 

As digitalization has increased, the kids’ experience of the internet on a daily basis needs to be looked upon. Your child will encounter content without any filtration but you need to educate them about how they should use the internet. 

Points to Discuss  

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s not possible to keep your child away from the internet, however, before they start using the internet they should have an overview of the platform. You should keep certain things in mind like:

1. Communication: Communication is the key, the first step of every discussion. You should make your kids understand why they have internet access. If it is related to their studies then tell them that they should use it for their research work, to know what is happening in the world. This ensures children that they are using the internet only when they need it.

2. Screen Time: Tell your child why it is important to manage their screen time. By consciously monitoring their screen time, you can avoid many health-related issues such as headaches and weakening of eyesight due to excessive screen time. Sometimes kids play online games or watch YouTube videos for long hours but this can affect their health.

3. Online Predators: There are all types of people on social networking sites, some could be genuine people but most of them are online to scam people and young kids can be their easy target. Educate them that they should never post something that reveals their personal information openly for people to view, along with this, tell them that they should not add random people to their social media and to never share any sensitive information about themselves or their family with anyone. Online predators can use this information to harm your child and family. 

All these points are important to discuss with your child when they are exposed to technology but you should also be a step ahead when it comes to parenting. The digital age kids require digital parenting and you should just do that. 

Parental Control Apps for Digital Parenting 

While we know how important the internet is for kids in terms of knowledge and learning, we cannot ignore the potential dangers that come along with it. Your child can come across inappropriate content and unwanted people. With the help of a parental control app, you can monitor your child’s online behavior and also keep track of what content they are viewing and who they are chatting with.

From text messages to the live location of your child, with a good parental control app, you can do all this and much more. By monitoring your child digitally, you can make their digital environment safe to use and with the Onemonitar parental control app, you can take complete charge of what your child does online.

Onemonitar: The Spy App That Ensures Your Kid’s Online Safety

Cybersecurity is important because cyber criminals and Onemonitar can protect your child from cyberbullying. The spyware app is a great tool that provides many useful features that let you monitor everything your child does on their phone, from calling to messaging, you can check all the activities. 

Let us tell you about the features of Onemonitar and how they can help you nurture your child’s digital habits in a responsible way.

Children today are highly dependent on the internet for everything but talking on the phone is also one of the many things that kids get addicted to. With Onemonitar’s hidden call recorder, you can spy on your child’s incoming calls and spy on the dialer when they make a call. You can listen to their phone conversations from anywhere and get the caller’s details. 

Not only online safety but even at times when the kids are away from home and you want to ensure that they are not at a suspicious location and have reached safely for where they left then a GPS tracker is another feature that comes in handy to check the kids’ whereabouts. 

You can also listen to the surrounding sounds of your child when they are away and you want to track if they are not with someone who could be a bad company for them. The ambient sound recorder lets you listen to the surrounding conversations and noise.

Service You Get at Onemonitar

Onemonitar is dedicated to providing the best user experience to its customers. Keeping in mind that not everyone is efficient with technology, the monitoring app is developed in a very simple manner so that users can easily navigate through the control panel that they get after signing up for the phone spy app. Once you access the control panel, you will be able to see separate sections for all the categories so that you can view all the stored information without any hassle. 

Now if we talk about technical support, Onemonitar is always there to guide you through every step of the process. From the plan to choose to installation assistance and how to use the dashboard, the support team is available 24*7 via live chat, emails, and calls so that you can have a smooth experience. 

Your data safety is our highest priority and to ensure that, your control panel is password protected and only you can access it even the team at Onemonitar cannot view it so if you are worried about anyone other than you who could possibly access the confidential information of your child or loved ones then be assured that the app not only lets you responsibly use it but also takes full responsibility of keeping your data secure. 


Onemonitar is the right spy app for you if you want to nurture your child’s digital habits while also ensuring complete confidentiality of your personal information. 

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