Phone Spy App- Here’s a List of Common Myths

Spying on a phone seems like a dream or can only be seen in movies, however, a spy phone is not a big deal anymore. Phone spy apps now make this dream true for you. As technology is getting more advanced day by day where parents and employers are taking significant steps to create security. There are several phone spy apps available now to track phones or spy phones. If you have some doubts about the proficiency of phone spy apps, like whether a phone spy app works fruitfully or not, here are some myths exposed and will make you a devotee. 

First myth: it is possible to install a phone spy app without touching the phone

Fact: there is no such phone spy software that can be installed without touching the target phone. A phone spy app can be installed only on the target phone. Both employers, as well as the parents, need to accept the terms and agree to complete the installation process. It is necessary to touch the phone physically to install the best phone tracker app. 

Second myth: you must be a computer expert to use the best phone tracker app 

Fact: if you are aware of how to send an email, you could easily know about the phone spy apps. A spy phone app is similar to other apps installed on your phone and it’s easy to access. All companies that offer phone spy apps have a technical team to help out their customers.

Third myth: use of phone spy apps is illegal?

Fact: Parents can monitor the cell phone of their kids who are under 18 (as per Indian law) for security purposes and an employer has the opportunity to use the best phone tracker app on the company’s given phone.  Parents can spy phones of their kids in the given conditions:

  • Brother/Sister
  • Step-Brother/Step-Sister
  • Aunt/Uncle Cousin/Nephew
  • Grandfather/Grandmother
  • Great-Grandfather/Great-Grandmother

Fourth myth: Do phone spy apps affect the SIM card?

Fact: if anyone installs a free phone spy app on the target, we would tell you that it won’t affect your SIM card or your phone number in any way. All the activities of the target phone can be monitored, even if a SIM change takes place, you’ll be notified immediately.

Fifth myth: Keeping your phone on Airplane Mode is the smart way to stop from being spied on

Fact: there is a large section of the population who thinks that phone spy apps can’t spy on a phone if it is turned to Airplane Mode. Keep in mind that Airplane Mode turns off your phone’s network service and this way goes to “Do not disturb” mode. However, the free phone tracker apps can’t stop tracking your phone because the phone spy apps work via satellite.

We’d like to inform you that a phone has two types of operating systems. The first system is a direct interface between the phone and the user and the other one is a direct link between your phone and the cellular network. Always remember that Airplane Mode turns off the second system, however, the former remains active which means a phone can be tracked. 

Six myth: we can install a free phone spy app in the SIM 

Fact: Keep in mind a SIM card can only help you in storing a few contacts; it is a kind of chip that enables you to make calls across the globe whenever the subscriber’s network is available. However, the phone spy apps can’t be installed on a chip. This is a kind of app that is similar to the other apps you install on your Android phone and these apps are stored in your phone’s memory instead of the SIM card. 

Seventh myth: phone spy apps can be installed in the battery of the phone

Fact: Recently, news got viral that phone spy software can be installed in a battery. Keep in mind that the battery works just to give power to a cell phone and it can’t be used to install a phone spy app. Always remember that phone spy apps can only be installed on a phone.

Eighth myth: phone spy apps are Malware

Fact: There are several phone spy apps available in the market, keep in mind if you choose the best phone tracker app like ONEMONITAR. All the phone spy apps can’t be treated as Malware, it is necessary to choose a reliable spy phone app for your phone that can’t be specified as Malware.

Features of phone spy apps:

As we have stated several myths related to phone spy apps, here is a list of features that one can expect from the best phone spy app:

Text Messages: A reliable phone spy app can track all the sent and received messages even after the erase of the messages permanently.

GPS location: you can track the exact location of the phone by logging into your LIVE control panel.

iMessages: it is hard to track messages, but ONEMONITAR free phone spy app does all this for you in a couple of clicks.

Call logs: the target phone can trace the call logs because ONEMONITAR tracks all.

Browser history: ONEMONITAR phone spy app offers you an opportunity to track all the URLs visited on a browser installed on the phone. 

It’s a small list of the features; however, there are 30+ features of the ONEMONITAR app. 

Conclusion: the development of phone spy apps is a smart way to monitor a cell phone and proves as a blessing for both parents and employers. All the activities are recorded and uploaded to the LIVE control panel which can be logged at any point in time. Now you can view all the activities on your device’s screen easily in a few clicks if you are using the phone spy apps to track a phone. It is a smart way of the present time to stay updated all the time; you have real-time access to the target phone and can send a proactive response to the phone.

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